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About Paywane Inc

Paywane, Inc is a payment services provider allowing merchants to accept credit cards/debit cards and electronic check payments throught different sources such our mobile apps, website api's and other advanced secure payment solutions. Besides that we also offer secure & reliable option to pay online for personal usage or while shoping online.

We works on one norm which is "Start Accepting More, Start Selling More.", Which means more you accept, more you sell. That's why paywane accept's almost all major credit cards/debit cards brands such as Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Diners-club and JCB along with e-checks.

We also made our platform more secure & Innovating in area payment services not only for business or commercial usage but also for personal usage. We are working hard to introducing new ways send or request money throught more innovating mobile apps.

Paywane "Start Accepting More, Start Selling More."

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