Accepting Online Payments.

An Paywane Payment Gateway account allows you to accept credit cards/Debit Cards and electronic checks at your websites or Internet auction sites. Our solutions are designed to save time and money for small-sized to medium-sized businesses.

Accepting Mail Order/Telephone Order Payments

Our online Virtual Terminal allows you to submit transactions manually by entering payment details into it. This features allows freedom to those merchants who take their orders via mail or telephone from their customers.

Accepting Mobile Payments.

Accepting mobile payments allows you to receive or process credit/debit card payments securely and safely from a mobile device using the free Paywane Mobile App* or a third-party solution. With mobile payments, your storefront literally goes anywhere you do.

Advance Fraud Protection.

An Paywane Inc adopted highly advance fraud detection or protection system to protect you & your business from frauds. Our State-of-the-Art Infrastructure ensures your security to protect form any suspicious and potentially costly fraudulent transactions.

Subscription/Recurring Billing.

An Paywane also allows you to accept payments on bases for Recurring billing cycle or Subscription transactions. By this feature you can create subscriptions manually or in your Web checkout form.


Our exclusive, fully integrated electronic check payment method enables you to accept and process payments from bank accounts directly through your Web site or the paywane Virtual Terminal.